Layered Duck Enchiladas

My wife is so in love with this recipe that I think she may get more excited about duck season than I do. it’s a simple dish that can be done in a casserole pan and oven or as you will see below, in a dutch oven over the coals of a live fire. Personally though there is something primal about building a fire and cooking a dish with an animal that you hunted that it just makes the food taste better.


5-6 plucked, wild duck

4oz Guajillo pepper

3oz Pasilla pepper

2 Small onions

1 Tomato

14 Clove garlic

1 Red pepper

2 Jalapeno

8 Cups chicken broth

1.5 Cup Mole paste

1tsp Salt

1tsp Cumin

1tsp Oregano

40 Medium tortilla

6 Cups shredded cheese

Green onion



First, start a fire and get some coals roarin’ next, get your sauce on. Enchilada sauce – Heat a skillet on the stove over medium heat and throw on the dried peppers onion tomato and unpeeled garlic into the dry skillet to open up the aromatics of the peppers and lightly char the other veggies. when the peppers are fragrant put them into a bowl with 3 cups of cold water. this will soften the dried peppers after a 15-minute soak. once they are softened, find your favorite blender and combine the peppers, a cup of pepper water, and the charred veggies, and blast them into a puree. You may need to add a little more pepper water to liquefy the sauce to the right consistency.

Chop the red pepper, the other onion, one of the jalapenos and 8 more cloves of garlic and add them into your dutch oven along with your duck. Pour the enchilada sauce over the duck and veggies. If it does not cover them completely, add some chicken stock to top it off.

Now lets play with fire, grab a bucket of beers and be prepared to tend this cook/fire for the next five hours. place your dutch oven over a ring of coals. its important that you try to keep your coals as a ring to the outside edge of your dutch oven, remember its an oven and you just want to heat the exterior of the entire oven and not just the bottom. Adversely, you also want to heat the oven from above, so shovel some coals around the outside edge of the lid of the oven. These two coal rings both on the top and bottom, reduce “hot spots” during the cook. Your goal is to maintain a 250 degree cook. Keep feeding the fire so that you always have a heat source to feed your oven. After about a 6 pack of beers and five hours, your “duck is cooked”. Feed the fire one more time and take your oven out of the heat and pour it contents into a cool bowl, and place it into the fridge. While the roast duck is cooling, do a quick rinse to your dutch oven and start making your mole.

Now you can make enough enchilada sauce to finish this off but the flavor and complexity of a good mole takes these enchiladas to the next level. I prefer a mole Coloradito. The light light sweetness and overall simple flavor brightens the medium spice from the enchilada sauce and makes it super approachable, even to my spicy, food challenged rugrats. Start by bringing 4 cups of chicken broth to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer, add the mole paste and stir until the paste is fully blended and smooth.

The duck should now be cool enough to start stripping it from the bone. discard as many of the bones and BB’s that you can find. Next, shred the duck meat and get set up to layer. Now you can start dipping your tortillas into the Mole and layering in your clean dutch oven. Start with with a layer of mole drenched tortilla on the bottom then add some of the shredded duck, followed with some shredded cheese. Keep layering this way until you run out of duck and finish by topping it with one final layer of tortilla and cheese.

Its a good thing that you fed that fire before you started building your enchiladas, because your going to need the coals to finish cooking your enchiladas. make another ring of coals to set your oven on top of and lay another ring on the outside edge of the lid. After 45 minutes your enchiladas should be ready to take out of the heat. Let them rest and cool for at least 30-45 minutes before plating. I used a rocks glass to cut out the round shape but cut them however you can, pour some of the mole sauce on the bottom of the plate and place your enchilada on top. Garnish with sliced jalapeno, sliced radish and avocado and that’s the whole enchilada.

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