Guadalupe Fishing Report 11/2/19

Now that the weather has cooled down I have been trying to find the time to get out and scout the holdover situation on the Guadalupe. That day finally came with an impromptu fishing trip with my buddy Edgar. We only had about 2.5 hours to fish so it was important that we make every second count. That meant leaving the boat at home and wading to some key spots where the water is still deep and cool where the big ones lie. Also, the flows are pretty low, sitting at 69 CFS and make the water perfect for wading vs dragging a boat over shallow rocks.

The trek did start a little hairy. As I entered the river I missed my footing and fell into a heavy current. Luckily the current didn’t carry me off and my rod did not break, but the water did get into my waders and my ego was slightly bruised. Always have to remember slow is fast and fast is slow.

After picking my self up and inspecting my gear we had a laugh and soldiered on. We got to our first pool and within a few casts, I was already on. Initially, I thought, “not that big” then I saw him surface. “Not that small!” he darted away and put up a good fight. It was a bull rainbow with great colors and a nice slightly kyped lower jaw. With the first fish netted we were on the board and feeling good. We then made our way to the next hole where we had even more success. The pools are deep but the water is crystal clear. You can see the fish in feeding positions and pick out your advisory. Within just a couple hours on the water, we had brought 6 fish to hand 3 browns and three rainbows, all about or over 20 inches.

It was another mixed bag of flies that they were taking. 10 Griddle bug, size 20-22 white poison tung, 18-20 rainbow warrior, and a large size 10 green caddis pupa were key flies for the day. The key is getting them to sink fast and change your depth accordingly. Make sure your flies are hitting the bottom and in the zone.

With the flows this low and the fact that these are holdover trout, don’t expect a numbers game its quality vs quantity. These fish are very selective in what they eat and weary of badly presented flies. So just take your time and remember, fast is slow, slow is fast.

On a side note, I am now guiding for Spoke Hollow Outfitters in Wimberly, Texas where we are offering fishing trips as well as quail hunting. Book a total adventure with our fin and Field (quail hunting Fly Fishing) trip today! Just a 50-minute drive from Austin and 1 hour and a 20-minute drive from San Antonio.

Until next time, may your rod always be bent down and your whiskey straight up.

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