Guadalupe Fishing Report 6/7/19 and 6/14/19

Just like the weather, fishing has been hot for the last couple of weekends. The rain this year has been a welcome favor from the fishing gods. Flows are around 350cfs and the trout are sustaining well in the cooler water.

Last Friday I took out Doctor Jansma and his son Stephen for a float on the Guadalupe. We were on the water at 8 am and with the sun already shining bright, I knew I wanted to tie on something with a little flash. Right away I knew that we had cracked the code for the day. The fish were eating all of the flies rigged that day with the most success on the size 10 flashback Rubber leg, and second, was the size 20 disco midge in purple that I had dropped below it. The other successful fly was the chamois worm of all things.

On Friday, June 14th I was able to take my buddy Max Kokinda down for his first-time float. With the sun producing yet another gorgeous sunny day the same flies produced a number of fish for us.

I also have to talk about the new boat I am guiding from these days. The Big Shoals by SmithFly has been an excellent investment. It has been the ultimate boat for these small Texas creeks and Rivers. It glides through extremely skinny waters, maneuvers through rocks and boulders with surgical precision and has the capacity for three people. At approximately 150 lbs this boat is going to be the perfect rig on the Devils River it is easy for one person to drag out of the water or over rocks and obstacles in the river. Also, the inflatable floor is completely rigid allowing both fishermen to stand balanced while they are casting. Besides guiding fly fishing trips on the Guadalupe, I am very much looking forward to stealthily cruising the Texas flats for redfish as well as duck hunting the Lower Colorado River. If you are looking for a do it all rig, I highly recommend the Big Shoals.

As always, May your rod always be bent down and your whiskey straight up.


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