Guadalupe Fishing Report 4/25/19

The drive from Austin to the Guadalupe at 5:30 am was another early one, but listening to “Empire of the Summer Moon” on audiobook has been a great way to pass the time to and from work and the river. The history and struggle, endured by the native Americans and homesteaders of this area, as well as the heroism and violence committed by early Rangers and Comanches alike, is a story of epic proportions. It is surreal to make sense of the insurmountable evidence from the past that surrounds us in the rivers, creeks, and prairies we fish and hunt in here today.

With water flowing at around 400cfs, I had a great day floating with first-time fly fishers, Layton and his dad Mike. They had come out with 4 other of Layton’s teammates from their high school football team to fish in the morning and tube that afternoon. A perfect way to spend a Saturday outside. Layton, Mike and the boys caught several rainbows, and a couple of Redhorse suckers, which were super active that day. The rigs we were throwing were peach colored eggs as the attractor with a purple zebra midge, caddis emergers, and Higa’s SOS.

Summer is coming and the rubber hatch has already begun. The tubers usually are not hitting the water until about 10 am but does not start to get busy until around noon and 1 pm. That gives us plenty of time to get some fish to hand before lunch. With the amount of water, we have gotten this year, and as long as water temps stay below 70, I am confident we will be fishing for trout most of the summer.

Until next time, may your rod always be bent and your whiskey straight.

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