Battling a Buffalo

He took it!!. I immediately looked down the river and realized that my adversary clearly had the upper hand. Assessing the obstacles I was about to encounter, the curse words started to run faster than the line was being taken from my reel. I found myself collectively and at the same time chaotically running down the rocky bank of the Pedernales River. With an outreached rod in one hand and Kasper,  the battle-ax of a net in the other. I was able to narrowly persuade the tip of my rod and line above the two saplings growing skyward from an outcropped boulder.  Just beyond the boulder, he seemed to be as tired as I was. The behemoth started to yield. I began to reel in my line and as I pushed to Kasper out to greet my new found proverbial white whale, his dead, doll-like eyes met mine and the dragon took off again. This time Joe made for faster, deeper waters. I am now reluctantly running through willows and large boulders, trying to keep up. suddenly,  I came to the end of the road.. one more step and I would be up to my ears in frigged fast water.  My rods tip is bent, damn near level as my reel seat and all I can think is “this is it”… Just as he seemed to give in to the pressure that I was putting into him, my 6wt rod snaps into 3 pieces. I hastily throw the wreckage aside and grab my fly line, fall to my knees reaching for the fly line. The obscenities are now melding into praying that the tippet does not break. The entire time, I am thinking that no one is going to believe me if I lose this fish. The tippet holds and I am able to hand line the beast out of the deep and into my net.



celebratory drink – Lagavulin 9 year Fly – Buffalo Trace – a go to for any fish/occasion.

Fish Hard, Drink Hard


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