Guadalupe River Fishing Report 1/6/19

Mike and his stepfather, Ron picked a gorgeous day to get out on the water. Its about 50 degrees and the fog is just lifting off the water as I am launching the boat. Flows are at 738cfs, which can make wading difficult but perfect conditions for a float.

Mike and Ron are not new to this river, they have been fishing here for several years as well as the river systems all over Colorado. They did, however, feel like they needed some instruction on how to be more productive anglers. I was happy to share my tactics with them.

With an overcast day and high water, I set Ron up with a worm pattern and an RS2. I set mike up a little different with a girdle bug as a point fly and Higa’s SOS as his dropper. We were not getting any hits right away but as we got into some faster current things changed…”Set!… Now let him run.” Mike had a strike right before we hit some small rapids and he was able to steer the buck into the net. “He took the girdle bug,” I said, and with that, I thought I knew what they wanted. We floated on into a usual hot spot and nothing. That’s when I decided we need to change it up. I swapped out Ron’s rig with a chamois worm pattern and within his first few casts, his line was tight. “Yaowe!” he yelled. the fish rolled, ran, then jumped and showed his true colors… It was a brown.


Almost every fish brought to hand was caught on a different fly. What did work for us was the girdle bug, chamois worm, Higa’s SOS, RS2, and the caddis emerger

Good luck out there, be safe if your wading and if you see anyone doing something they shouldn’t, call Texas Parks and Wildlife right away.

Please encourage the practice of catch and release to others. Jurassic Park is only a “park” if you kill all the dinosaurs.

May your rods always be bent down and your whiskey straight up.


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