Guadalupe Fishing Report 11/23/18

4000lbs of rainbow trout were deposited into the Guadalupe last weekend by GRTU and they did not disappoint. 

My first trip of the season was with a fantastic group of guys that fished with us this time last year. In fact, they were one of my first blog posts from last season. Troy Hunt of New Water Fly Co. Along with his Father, Robert Hunt, brother Adam and friend Christian had a great day on the water. With ideal weather conditions of 71 degrees and flowing water, they were able to bring several trout to the boat. 

While the day was a huge success, It was still difficult to hone in on what these new transplants wanted as they were biting on an array of different patterns. One such pattern was Troy’s version of the Higa’s SOS. A fly he explains “is a bucktail wing case covered in resin  with bucktail legs, a black ice dub for the thorax, thread abdomen, and a red gritty tungsten bead from Hareline Dubbin all tied on an Ahrex hook.” I seemed to have the most luck with Girddle bugs and red tailed prince nymphs myself, but also had reports that they were keying in on mango colored beads all of which you can find at the Reel Fly Shop in Sattler, Canyon Lake. 

picture above taken by Brent Hodges.

Flows continue to be high at 550cfs which make wading a challenge but are perfect conditions for floating. In fact, Brent Hodges is able to launch his Stealth Craft drift boat onto the river with no problem. 

The picture above, taken by Brent Hodges.

If you’re looking for a float trip I would book it sooner than later as they fill in pretty fast. 

What’s In my YETI for my next booked trip you ask? 

Food- Traeger smoked chicken salad 

Refreshments – Real Ale Beer and SWAY Rosé wine in a can 

Whiskey – Real Spirits newest release of Single Barrel, Barrel 60 will be in the flask. It has a rye component in the mash bill that adds a heavy baking spice flavor along with vanilla, creme brûlée, and cinnamon. And a guest whiskey.

As Always, Keep your rods bent down and your whiskey straight up.


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